ME860 (Motorola Atrix ME860) is one of those mobile phones that has captured my attention because I have heard and read a lot of excellent reviews about it.  I’ve done my own research about this device as well and I realized that it is actually an incredibly versatile and powerful mobile phone which combines dual core processor operating at 1GHZ for each core with vibrant qHD (4-inch) display in a single touch-table form which is very comfortable to use.  I highly recommend this to those who wish to own a phone which can multitask, supports offline and web browsing and allows you to enjoy Adobe Flash Player and more useful applications.


ME860 (Motorola Atrix ME860) User Interface

ME860 has been dubbed as the most powerful smart phone and with its NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor, owners of this device will definitely enjoy its speed.  Scrolling between the home screens is also easier because of its live wallpaper which can be activated to play 3D intensive games.  The customized widgets in this device are also enjoyable since they are capable of adjusting accordingly every time you resize them.  You can also traditionally personalize its interface through Android apps and by throwing in functional widgets into the device and activating its striking live wallpaper.  It also comes with seven home screens and you just need to simply press the home button found on the main screen to view them all at once.  It also comes with a few Motorola specific widgets and these are capable of improving the functionality of the device without requiring you to operate dedicated apps.


ME860 And Its Phonebook

Through research, I realized that the phonebook of ME860 closely resembles that of an ordinary smart phone.  The address book combines your local contacts and the contacts found in your social networking accounts.  What I like the most about the phonebook of this device is that it allows you to associate vital personal information about each contact.  It also loads vital social networking contents related to your contacts so you can instantly read updates on their accounts.  Another thing that makes the phonebook of ME860 remarkable is that it works in syncing your contacts with your account at Google.


Getting Acquainted To The Messaging Features Of ME860 (Motorola Atrix ME860)

The messaging experience offered by ME860 is top-notch and I think that this can be attributed to its fast dual core processor and above average size for the display.  The device offers Swype keyboards and multi-touch keys which is a good thing especially if you want to keep up with your fast fingers.  Speed typing is also possible for this device since you do not need to spend a lot of time adjusting to its feel.  This leaves lesser room for mistakes.  Emails are also presented in this device in the most efficient manner possible.


ME860’s Multimedia

ME 860 (Motorola Atrix ME860)If you want to view all of your videos and photos in ME860, then you can conveniently visit its Gallery app.  What I love about the multimedia features of this mobile device is that it presents contents in grid while allowing you to transition them into a 3D camera role if you put them on landscape.  This is a good thing especially if you consider the fluid movements when it comes to viewing images.  I am also sure that you will love the numerous options provided by ME860 (Motorola Atrix ME860) in sharing and editing multimedia files.